19 Dec

Not makeup related but…

I am raising money for 4 charities in January by shaving my head.

My hair will be donated to a charity called The Little Princess Trust who make wigs and hair pieces for children who’ve lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

The charities I am raising money for are:

Macmillan Cancer Support

Rowcroft Hospice (palliative and respite care)

Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice (palliative care)

Tommy’s (a charity for premature babies)

If you are able to spare even just £1, it would be appreciated.

My fundraising page is where you can read my story and select who you’ like to donate to.

Thank you so much.


Eye of the day!

19 Aug

Eye of the day!

(Excuse the horrific brows, I am so broke I can’t get them waxed until the end of the month by which time, they may have taken over the world.)

Creative silliness.

16 Aug

I have a Facebook contest going on at the moment which is Disney themed. I created 2 looks of silliness!




King Lear – The shots!

16 Aug

Thanks for Keith Gould for the fantastic images. 






 Let me know what you think! We had a blast!



23 Jul

I think we all have a little bit of superhero inside!


Make Uppa Your Face is 1 today!

21 Jun

Make Uppa Your Face is 1 today!

Today’s simple look.


Yesterday’s makeup.

14 Jun

Yesterday's makeup.

I was really pleased with this!


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